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i'm nat

hi. my name is nat "natbird" wesley. i'm a 21-year-old musician and producer from texas. i've been making music since 2012. i'm also a game dev sometimes. i have a fiancé named zeke - find him on twitter @KENSUKEAlDA.

if you're interested in commissioning music, production, mixing/mastering, album artwork, etc., please contact me at natwesley@yahoo.com. i'd love to work with you.

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i release music under the name natbird. these are my most recent releases.

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i make soundtracks for video games. here's what i've made and what i'm working on currently.

A Werewolf Opportunity, ObviouslyArcade Partyin dev
Breakfast CultPaul Matijevicin dev
Candy WitchStolenocin dev
Moon Treenat+zeke2015